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How to Play

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    Step 1
    It’s Easy - Press play on the homepage
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    Step 2
    Enter your answer to the question by clicking either box A, B or C & press Add To Cart at the bottom of the page
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    Step 3
    Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase & press Proceed To Checkout
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    Step 4
    You will now be taken to a secure payment checkout page to enter you Contact & Shipping details
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    Step 5
    Enter your personal details - Name, Address, Email, Mobile etc & enter your Credit/Debit Card details to make payment
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    Step 6
    And your done!
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order number.

Please keep a note of your order number as reference. This identifies how many tickets you purchased.

After the closing date of the competition the correct answer entries will be given a unique draw number. 

If you purchased more then 1 ticket your order number will be given multiple unique draw numbers depending on the number of tickets you purchased. 

Example: If you purchase 5 tickets you will be given 5 unique draw numbers: 333, 334, 335, 336, 337. The 5 individual numbers will represent your 5 entries into the competition draw.

The final draw will be recorded & broadcast on Property TV, Sky Channel 198. The winner will be chosen by Michael Hammond, Founder of Property TV. The whole process will be under the supervision of a independent solicitor. 

For further information please e-mail - info@rafflemyhouse.com